Improve Data Analytics

Who are your customers? What do they buy? When do they buy it? Why do they buy it? Which of your marketing and promotional efforts are the most effective?

CannaSys can provide you with the tools you need to answer these questions.

Increase Customer Retention

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of every successful business. We can help turn your casual customers into die-hard brand loyalists. We provide simple, powerful tools to help you incentivise your customers.

Stay connected, stay engaged and keep ‘em coming back.

Unleash Powerful Marketing

With the BumpUp Automated Marketing Platform, custom white label application development services, and a comprehensive list of marketing partners, we offer a complete set of tools to promote your brand.

We even offer celebrity endorsements through our Mile High Brands company.


Customer Rewards &
Automated Mobile Marketing



It is a complete mobile marketing platform that provides you with deep insight into your customers’ behaviour and purchasing patterns. It allows you to quickly and easily create extraordinary relationships with your customers and continually increase profits.

BumpUp is your active connection to your customers. With the BumpUp Mobile app you can directly reach your individual customers with customized deals, rewards and incentives.

snowshow_stampDeals and rewards are redeemed on your customers’ mobile devices with a simple touch of a special stamp to the screen. Then use the BumpUp control center to manage your marketing campaigns, view your reports and drill into customer data.



BumpUp White Label Applications


Every good brand should have its own custom mobile application to connect with customers and promote brand awareness. If you don’t have one yet, CannaSys can get you up and running quickly.

With a BumpUp White Label application we can bring the power of BumpUp to your very own custom application with all the features and functions you need.

    • Connect to your customers through news and messaging
    • Display retail locations on a map, provide directions
    • Send deals and incentives to both customers and sales force
    • Give customers loyalty rewards on purchases
    • Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
    • Define custom developed functionality
    • All with the look and feel of your brand






A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one


78% of customers are more likely to buy if they are offered something in return


Up to 15% of a business’s most loyal customers account for 55-70% of total sales


70% of customers want a loyalty rewards program

MHB Mile High Brands - A Lifestyle Branding Agency

Celebrity marketing and branding is the future of the cannabis industry.  Mile High Brands, a CannaSys partner, is a full service marketing consultancy, drawing on a global network of marketing expertise to put the highest level of talent to work for your business.  Mile High Brands represents a diverse and globally recognized portfolio of brands and celebrities.

CannaSys Partners

National Hemp Association
Mile High Brands
Faces Human Capital Management
Green Capital Ventures
Gridiron Cannabis Coalition

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